"find yourself in fiction"

I’ve been drowning in books and tv series to compensate for the emotions I can not obtain, and the revelations I wish to seek.

"She’s highly emotional that one"

“All the good ones are”

Most of the time
I believe that you
would have been
better off without
knowing me.

Things I Never Got To Tell You, Part 35 (via venula)

(via venula)

Same page, different chapter

I love passion, romance, spontaneity, and oddness.

I need it

Fortunate fool

Dreams are better then reality, and reality is better then dreams. Dreams can create false illusions of people and provide understanding, confidence, and warmth.. although it might not always be the case for when reality checks back in; it can be a place for escape whether if it’s romance, outrage, or lust. Dreaming can be your wanderlust that you never obtained, a path you never plan to follow, or a person you’ve never been with. So many lives you can live, things you can do all in a matter of eight hours or less. Apparent or not, it is an experience that is vivid and it is convincing. Often times than most dreams can help you see revelations of your life that you could never figure out, or find the heart to see.

As you sleep, an unknown world of your unconscious mind is waking up.

Everything reminds me of you


This is like so simple but so cool…

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Things aren’t always going to be in our favor, so when they aren’t, we have to take what we can from those experiences and move forward.

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